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Game Based Learning


A. Code of Conduct
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a big group company has the needs to align its company’s code of conduct to thousands of employees. The game is designed to increase the effectiveness of compliance training and code of conduct across a lot of business units in the company, presented through case simulations.

Employees play the game through their Android/iOS phones or through the web with a real time action tracking. Employees are challenged to identify infringement of the company’s compliance and code of conduct that might happen in each business unit.

  • Visual novel gameplay with many scenario and possibilities
  • Real time player tracking and performance that can be measured
B. Dragon Box
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This game is not the property of FEBE GAMES. It is presented only to provide an illustration of gamification for algebra math learning

For some kids math is the ultimate school grind in school. Math is just math, and kids just have to sit there and they have to do it so their parents don't get mad at them.

"Dragon Box" is a learning game that gets little kids between 5 to 9 years old to be obsessed with solving hundreds of middle school algebra questions. The interesting thing here is the child doesn't even know he/she is doing math, they just focus on trying to feed his dragon.

  • Learning Math while playing the game
  • Practice the Algebra concept and logic but keep focus on the fun
C. The Magic of Bread Making
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There are so many procedures and recipes behind the kitchen, such as ingridients, tasting, serving suggestion, cooking, and many more. "The Magic of Bread Making" is created to present the training how to make breads on standardization these procedures.

We created a training and gamification that compiles all in-kitchen procedure and practice simulation into one game. It is expected that these bakery can maintain its quality in the same time making the procedural training less boring and more fun.

  • Full of in-kitchen procedural step and tutorial
  • Practice Simulation
  • Easy to play